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Print of an original drawing by Duane showing Downpatrick in 1733. This is before the Quoile drainage was begun.


Captured in the image is the ruinous Down Cathedral which was rebuilt in 1790. The round tower can be seen on the left. Inside is the yet undisturbed tomb of Saints Patrick, Brigid, and Columba. Downhill from this are the Southwell Buildings which were built to the designs of Edward Lovett Pearce, the architect of Georgian Dublin! On the horizon is the windmill which was taken down in the 1830s to build the county gaol.


Coming over the hill in the foreground is Irish Street. At the bottom is the town pound which gave Pound Lane its name. In the foreground is an old distillery. The avenue of trees became Folly Lane and was originally named Lady Betty's Avenue, after Elizabeth Cromwell who married Edward Southwell of King's Weston.

Circling the hill on which the cathedral stands is the western branch of Strangford Lough. This was drained in 1745 by the Southwell family. This effectively created the Quoile river. Across this area today runs Market Street which is actually below sea level. 

The style of the drawing is based on drawings which Duane used to doodle in his teenage years. This strict lack of colour is designed to reflect the stark nature of the map of the town in 1729. The print is on 160gsm card and are unframed.

Downpatrick in 1733 - A4 Print

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