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Sustainability Policy



This policy outlines how Legends of Lecale Peninsula strives to be a sustainable enterprise.


I am Duane Fitzsimons, a seventh-generation farmer’s son. I grew up and worked on the family farm. My father Tony made the transition to organic farming back in 2002. The family have been farming the same land since the 1740s. This agricultural upbringing nurtured in me a deep appreciation for the natural environment and its processes.

My business operates in the Mourne Gullion Strangford Global Geopark. This area was designated as such by UNESCO in May 2023.

Crossmore 1905
Sustainably harvested walking poles
Sheepland Coast ASSI

Environmental Sustainability

​The business aligns itself to the principles of Leave No Trace.

Planning ahead and preparing

  • Advice around proper gear and equipment provided to guests before arrival.

  • Sustainably harvested walking ash walking poles are provided to guests and collected at the end of the walk.

Being considerate of others

  • Events and walks convene at designated parking locations and avoids overcrowding. Where required shuttle services are used to get to the remote countryside locations.

Respecting animals and farm life

  • Visitors are discouraged from approaching and disturbing wildlife. Feeding farm animals is also discouraged. No food will be left behind for any animal to eat.

  • Dogs are permitted only on suitable walks.

Travel on durable ground

  • Visitors will be encouraged to observe their footsteps to avoid trampling wildflowers. Walking in more than three abreast is also discouraged when travelling on unsurfaced paths. 


Leave what you find

  • Visitors are discouraged from taking anything from beaches that does not naturally belong there.

  • The areas that are walked are designated as Areas of Special Scientific Interest. Any stipulation on the protections of these are made clear to discourage damage.


Dispose of waste

  • All lunches provided are packaged with as little or no plastic as possible. Drinks are provided in recyclable cartons.

  • Where possible any litter found on the route is collected and disposed of correctly.

Paperless business

  • All customers receive tickets via email in a mobile device compatible format.
  • Almost all of the business communications are carried out online.

Economic Sustainability


Food and drink

  • Packed lunches are provided by local B&B.

  • Hot food and drinks are provided by local bars and restaurants where suitable.


Shuttle services and coach hire

  • Where required shuttle services and coach hire is provided by smaller local companies.


Additional guides

  • Where required I will bring in additional guides to assist with service delivery.


Voluntary Directorships

  • I am a director of Ardglass Development Association C.P. Ltd. This Company operates a maritime heritage centre in the village which enables visitors to explore the area. The Company also provides a visitor services website operated by me to encourage visitor dwell time in the area:

  • Additionally, I am a director of The Portico of Ards. This company operate an arts and heritage centre in Portaferry. Discover more:


Magnus Viking Association actors
The Portico of Ards
Saul Church tour guide
Lough Money Dolmen

Social and Cultural Sustainability


Folklore and storytelling

  • As a storyteller I am passionate about the stories and lore passed down to me from the generations born before me.


Christian Heritage

  • The story of Saint Patrick is key to the history of Ireland and the impact of his legacy can be found around the world. I strive to encourage people to get to know the story of the real person who lived worked and died in the Lecale peninsula. Additionally, exploring some of the legends associated with him is key to the experience.

  • While I was raised in the Christian tradition, my experiences and events aim only to explore the cultural identity of the people that follow this religion.


Customs and traditions

  • The intangible cultural heritage of the Lecale peninsula is celebrated in a meaningful way. I strive to keep alive the customs of the people of the area passed down to me.


Providing services for LGBTIAQ+

  • I am myself a proud member of this community. Members of all backgrounds and allies are welcome on the experiences.

This Sustainability Policy was last updated in May 2023.

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