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Seventh generation farmer’s son Duane Fitzsimons loves nothing more than bringing people around the area he calls home. This is no ordinary place though; it is the Home of Saint Patrick.


On these experiences you will visit places with legends going back 1600 years and more. Gently strolling you will visit places of battle and shipwreck, with a few good folklore tales thrown in.

What is so unique about here? The burial place of Ireland's three patron saints, Lecale is defended by a ring of medieval castles. It is located at the feet of the majestic Mourne Mountains on the shores of Strangford Lough 20 miles from Belfast.

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This is Duane - avid walker, storyteller, folklorist and local expert. Lecale has been home to his family for generations, his surname is Norman but his ancestors include Irish, Viking and Planter!

Each walk allows you to immerse yourself in the place, whether it be sipping a coffee on the battlements of a castle or letting the wind blow through your hair on the cliff tops. 

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Patrick &
the pagan

Lúnasa Festival

27 August 2022

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Saint Patrick's ancient


2 or 3 overnights at Ireland's oldest coaching inn

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Six castles

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Urban tour


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